The Project 1461 team is made up completely of volunteer nonprofit professionals, web entrepreneurs, writers, community organizers, political campaigners, writers and activists. 


Liza Potter, Founder
Liza is an education nonprofit professional in Philadelphia, and has taught and led in urban, suburban, and rural schools across three states. She knows the difference between growth and proficiency measures, and has spent the last few months becoming expert at explaining the Electoral College to children ages 4-18.

Joe Pinto
As a child, while his friends traded baseball cards and played video games, Joe Pinto watched the speeches of US presidents and marveled at the genius of representative democracy. A lifelong progressive, he believes the social contract exists to drive the ongoing redesign of self-government until inequity is wrung out and prosperity in reach of all. He grew up in the suburbs of New York City and attended Brown University. A career educator, he has been a designer and builder of new Title I public high schools in New York's historically least served districts. He does not accept a politics of exclusion or blame but feels there are important unheard stories across America and values beyond his own that are legitimate and powerful. Donald Trump is not his president. 

Julia Peter
Bio coming soon

Shirley Chan
Shirley is a copywriter by day and a writer-writer by night (ok, more of a Netflix watcher, but she tries). She was never politically active and, in fact, took the adage "never talk about religion or politics in mixed company" to heart... until 2016 happened. Then it became clear that a small number of small-minded people were willing to sell out an entire nation for their personal gain. She got angry. She got tired of feeling powerless. She's doing something about it. #resist


Erica Frazier
Erica is a concerned citizen from the great state of Arkansas.

Julia Kopelson
Julia  is a proud resident of (Free)Brooklyn and extensive traveler. A cross disciplinary education - plus her family history of military service, social activism and religious and ethnic diversity—has given her a passion for seeking out the facts that should inform opinions.

Laura Schmitt
Laura Schmitt is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah von der Luft
Sarah is a designer living the dream NYC. In late 2016 she realized it was just that––a dream. Now she has an answer when people ask her why she got both a B.A. in Government (Smith! Seven Sisters represent!) and a Masters in Industrial Design. She sets aside a few minutes each day to just scream into the abyss, but when that's done she's back to work helping to find the people's voice and make a small change in a big world.


Jeff Garrett
Jeff Garrett is an educator, who has worked with historically underserved schools in New York City and Los Angeles, and is a passionate advocate for social justice.

Jenny March
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Kevin Douglas
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Tish Lampert
Originally from New York City, Tish Lampert began her work as a photojournalist in London where she freelanced for numerous publications and newspapers, including The London Times, The Evening Standard, and Time Out Magazine. She distinguished herself as one of the only women who photographed inside the mines at Abergavenny, Wales. Lampert created a series titled “Exiting the Metropolitan” tracing the closure of rural farms as the British M1 highway was extended.

More information about Tish and her work can be found at


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