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Project 1461 is a community of progressive Americans committed to a common mission.

Every day, we will learn about the political electoral processes, what issues matter most now and why; act to support progressive causes and candidates, resist the Trump administration's harmful policies, and build a better future; and share what we're doing with friends and family (even when it's painful!) to grow our movement and build community.

The Project 1461 team is made up completely of volunteer nonprofit professionals, web entrepreneurs, writers, community organizers, political campaigners, writers and activists. 

Our Founder

Liza Potter is an education nonprofit professional and a former teacher and school leader currently living in Philadelphia; she started her adult life as an anti-death penalty activist in North Carolina and has never lost the social justice bug. 

Contact Liza by email or on Twitter.

Our Team

We've been working hard to build a dedicated steering committee, writing and design team, and coalition of other daily action sites. Their bios are coming soon, we promise.




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