2.2.17 End partisan gerrymandering in your state

The election was rigged

Gerrymandering, the practice of redrawing voting district boundaries to advantage one political party or politician over another, undermines the core values of our democracydisenfranchises voters, and leads to dysfunctional government. Some states, like California and Arizona, have already instituted alternative (though not foolproof) practices, but with gerrymandering playing a huge role in the 2016 election and Republicans currently introducing redistricting legislation that advantages themselves in Minnesota and Virginia, the time to start fighting this unfair practice in every state is long overdue. Today's call to action: organize now to end gerrymandering in your state.

Learn: get up to speed on redistricting and its effects

Act: speak up if your state is gerrymandered

Share: recruit your friends and neighbors to help end gerrymandering

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