12.12.16: Tell Congress to take hacking seriously

Now is not the time for a cowardly Congress.

This weekend, the Washington Post and New York Times dropped bombshell reports that the CIA has concluded Russian hackers who interfered with the presidential election had the express goal of helping Donald Trump. So far, Congressional Republicans have mostly stayed silent on the issue. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even said that he would consider a direct challenge to the Russians by the White House an "act of partisan politics." Today's call to action: tell Congress this is no time for cowardice.

Learn about the election hacks and Republicans' responses

Act to demand a full Congressional investigation into the hacks

Because this issue is so critical, there's only one action for today: tell your Senators you back Senators Graham, McConnell, Schumer and Reed in their call for a Congressional probe into Russian hacking of the presidential election. Here's a script:

"My name is [your name] and I'm a constituent of [Senator]. It's incredibly important to me that [Senator] support the call for a probe into Russian hacking of the election and to publicly condemn Donald Trump's insistence that a probe would be a waste of time. As an American voter, I count on our election system to be fair and transparent; it's one of the hallmarks of our democracy. If there's any chance that Russian interference benefited Trump, we deserve to know. Please tell [Senator] to make a public statement supporting the hacking probe today."

Need help getting started, or need to find your reps' contact info? Check out our guide to calling Congress

Share the call to action and say thanks to Senators leading the charge

* A side note: If you're not following The Intercept, start doing it now. It's a frequent provider of counterpoint to mainstream news, and an essential resource as we march onward toward a Trump presidency.