12.20.16: Get smart about the Muslim registry

Resisting means knowing the facts.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said he would "absolutely" implement a registry of American Muslims. Then he blatantly lied about his previous promise, claiming he never advocated for any religious-based registry. Still, there's a lot of confusion about what a registry would or wouldn't entail and whether it would violate the Constitution -- so hang on tight, because today's action is heavy on the learning. Today's call to action: get smart about (and resist) Trump's proposed registry of American Muslims.

Learn about Trump's proposed registry and NSEERS

First, a quick overview. We already shared how Trump has gone back and forth on whether or not he'd create a registry of American Muslims; during his campaign, he said he'd create one and that Muslims would have to appear in person to register. Most experts agree that this wouldn't actually be the case -- all Trump would have to do is reactivate a registry that already exists. That database, the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), was created by the Bush administration after 9/11 to round up and deport Muslims suspected of being terrorists. (Spoiler alert: it didn't work.) The database is currently not in use, but could be reinstated and revamped under a Trump administration. 

Now, to the links:

Act to stop the Muslim registry from being reinstated or recreated

Share high-quality info about the registry with friends