12.4.16: Let's get (re)started.

We started Project 1460 to share daily, concrete actions to support progressive causes, return Congress to the Democrats in 2018, and make Donald Trump a one-term president. Since then, we've realized a few things, and not just that 2020 is a Leap Year (hello, Project 1461)!

  • Oh my god, this is really hard. Changing the future of this country is going to take a lot more from all of us than petitions, phone calls, and donations. They're a good start, but then what? Where do we go next?
  • We are a community of thousands. Over 4,500 people have signed up to be part of our movement, and there are tens of thousands more participating in other daily action sites. Together, we have the potential to create a groundswell movement.
  • Even the experts aren't sure what happens next. We're in uncharted territory, and lots of what we've done in the past isn't going to cut it. Still, we can and must learn from the people who are already doing this work.
  • We can't give up. This is where you come in. Every day, we will continue to provide daily, concrete actions that anyone can take to resist Trump and support progressive causes. We’re also going to start featuring the stories of the people who make up this movement: experts acting nationally and locally, and newbies who are committing to getting more involved.

Will you join us?