12.24.16: Know your reps

They work for you, so put them to work.

Every day, your representatives in local, state, and federal government make decisions on your behalf. They set policy, pass legislation, and make decisions that affect you, your family, your community, and our world. We've posted quite a few calls to action in the last month that ask you to call your reps, and now we're asking you to learn more about them to gear up for more calls and in-person interactions in the new year. Today's call to action: get to know the people who represent you.

Learn the how, when and why of contacting your reps

Act to stay informed and get ready to get more involved

  • Save your reps' names and numbers in your phone for easy access when it's time to call
  • Sign up for IssueVoter and Countable to stay informed about your Congressional reps and how they vote
  • Spend some time on Ballotpedia looking up and reading about your federal, state and local representatives
  • Visit your representatives' webpages and social media, and sign up to follow them and receive their newsletters

Share to help your friends and family learn about their reps

  • If you're celebrating this week, ask your family members about their local and state reps -- if they don't know how to contact them, help them learn!
  • Already have an issue you're thinking about? Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about it, and mention the relevant local reps.
  • Bonus: Google "[your state] politics 2017" and share what you find -- we found a ton of news about what to expect in the upcoming year from a quick search.