12.6.16: Boycott injustice

This country is clearly willing to continue killing unarmed men, women and children...
This economic boycott can change that.

In the past week alone, two juries have failed to convict two officers who used deadly force against black Americans. Yesterday, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King launched the Injustice Boycott "to show every city, state, institution and corporation in this country that meaningful, reasonable, achievable reforms on police brutality and injustice are not our long-term dreams." Today's call to action: join the Injustice Boycott and pledge to boycott cities, states, businesses, and organizations that stay silent on or actively contribute to police brutality.

Learn: get the facts about police brutality and the movement for black lives

Act: join the Injustice Boycott and make a pledge to end police violence

Share: ask three friends to boycott injustice and help hold each other accountable

  • Tag three friends in this post who will join the Injustice Boycott with you and help one another stay committed
  • Use the hashtag #injusticeboycott to share how you're changing where you travel and how you shop
  • Invite your friends to join Project 1461 to help us build our community

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