12.19.16: Hold the media accountable

Donald Trump is a liar.

He lies on Twitter, he lies in interviews, and he lied his way across America on the campaign trail. And Trump wasn't the only liar of this election cycle: fake news, accepted as fact and perpetuated by Trump's supporters, helped conspiracies about Hillary Clinton and her team take root and may have influenced the election’s outcome. Today's call to action: commit to high-quality journalism, weed out fake news, and hold the media accountable for addressing Trump’s lies. 

Learn: get info about fake news and Trump's relationship with the media

Act: improve your news feed, then hold the media accountable

Share: get more to read and call out fake news when you see it

  • Get stocked up by asking friends for recommendations of good news sites to follow
  • Call out fake news when you see it, and share info about telling real news from fake
  • Share The Atlantic's guide with friends in media and ask what their organization is doing to address Trump's lies
  • Invite your friends to join Project 1461 to help us build our community
Liza Potter