1.11.17: Support the Presidential Accountability Act

Unfurl your accountability flag.

Donald Trump's tangled web of business and financial interests puts America at risk. He and his family have refused to divest from companies they own, and haven't even disclosed all of their holdings publicly. The President of the United States shouldn't owe billions of dollars to domestic and foreign entities, and if he does, we deserve to know who they are. Even Trump's Cabinet nominees are taking this as a green light for their own repudiation of proper disclosureToday's call to action: add your voice to the demand for accountability from the President, his family, and his cabinet.

Learn: how lack of accountability allows Trump’s conflicts of interests to remain both costly and dangerous

Act: hold Trump, his family, and his cabinet accountable for resolving conflicts of interest

My name is [your name], and I’m one of [rep’s] constituents. [If you’re leaving a message, include your address and ZIP code.] I’m calling to ask that [rep] hold Donald Trump accountable to his obligation to place the interests of the American people first and divest himself of all financial holdings that leave the office of the President ethically vulnerable. What is [rep’s] position on this issue?

[Wait for response]

Conflicts of interest deriving from Trump or Trump family holdings, as well as those of the Cabinet will place the American people at an unacceptable level of financial and security risk. Will you please share my message with [rep]?

Share: what does presidential accountability mean to you?