1.2.17: Don't let Republicans pretend they have a mandate (they don't)

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan say they have a mandate from the American people. They're dead wrong.

Before you do anything else today, take a deep breath, set your intention for 2017, maybe do a couple of sun salutations, and listen to this song (it helps us get pumped up when we're about to go HAM on Republicans, so hopefully it will do the same for you).

Ready now? Alright then, let's get started. Congress returns from its holiday recess tomorrow, and Republican leaders are claiming that they have a mandate from the American people. They're wrong, and we're going to make sure they know how wrong they are. Today's call to action: get pumped for 2017 and get ready to shut down the Republicans' phony "mandate."

Learn: mandate? What mandate? 

Act: Set McConnell, his cronies, and your reps straight.

  • Call your Republican representatives and give them a simple message: You do not have a mandate from the American people, and when you act against our interests, we will oppose you. Every single time.
  • Call your Democratic representatives and tell them you want them to stand up to Trump and the Republicans -- starting with blocking every single cabinet nominee.
  • Sign this petition asking Democrats to block Trump's cabinet. No matter what.

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