1.3.17: Stop sneaky Republicans from gutting independent ethics office

Hey House Republicans: we're onto you.

Last night, House Republican Robert Goodlatte of Virginia announced that the party's caucus had approved a measure that will go before the full House tomorrow to gut an independent Congressional ethics office and put decisions about ethics violations in the hands of -- you guessed it -- Republican lawmakers. It gets worse: if adopted, the rule disallows anonymous accusations of ethics violations and frees Congress from reporting violations to the public or other government bodies. The good news? Republican leaders are against this, and we can fight it. Today's very urgent call to action: call your Representatives as soon as possible and tell them not to approve House rules that gut the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Act right away: stop House members from approving rules that strip the OCE of its oversight.

Call your representative in the House today, and use our simple script:

My name is [your name], and I’m a constituent of [Representative]*. I’m calling today to tell the Representative that it’s critical that he or she vote against the proposed House rules that strip the independent Office of Congressional Ethics of its power and put control of investigating Congressional ethics violations in the hands of Republican lawmakers. Please, act on behalf of your constituents and refuse to approve any rules that prevent open, nonpartisan, transparent investigation of ethical violations in Congress.

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