1.21.17: Build a response to hatred

Increasing acts of hatred are a threat to all Americans

Black Lives Matter and today's Women's March are examples of what can happen when people launch a movement to fight for equality. However, combatting injustice also takes individual allies and accomplices acting every day.

Hateful acts have risen following Trump's election. While people experiencing hate often respond for themselves, they also deserve support. Being part of the fight for justice means supporting people being targeted, and showing perpetrators that their behavior is unacceptable. Today's call to action: build your response to hateful language and acts.  

Learn: acts of hate in Trump's America and how to respond

Act: support and stand up for people experiencing hatred

  • Join Hollaback! and get trained on responding to hate against women
  • Watch a video on responding to hate against Islam
  • Plan your response to hate speech so you'll be ready if the time comes
  • Call your state representatives and say you support the creation or extension of hate crimes laws, especially if you live in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina or Wyoming where there are currently none.  Here's a call script you can use:
“My name is [your name], and I’m one of [representative’s] constituents. [If you’re leaving a message, include your address and ZIP code.] I’m calling to ask that [representative] create legislation in our state to track and combat hate crimes. 
Hate crimes have been on the rise since 2015, and [our state] currently has no laws to combat this problem. Will you please share my message with [representative]?”

Share: spread the word about hateful acts and what to do

  • Share this Call to Action with your social media contacts
  • Post an article from our “Learn” section to inform others about hateful acts and how to stop them
  • Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to train with you on how to respond
  • Invite your friends to sign up for Project 1461. Tag them in the comments of our Facebook post and ask them to join us!