1.23.17: Join Project 1461: Go Local

Help us make change happen at every level

Every day, members of our Project 1461 community ask us how to get involved at the local and state level where they live. Now, in partnership with over 100 individuals and local Indivisible groups, we're able to bring you Project 1461: Go Local. We're hoping that this will be a comprehensive, crowdsourced database of calls to action, events, and news about politics and issues that affect you where you live. Today's call to action: check out Project 1461: Go Local and  get involved where you live.

We're pretty excited about this, so let's get straight to the actions:

  • Visit Project 1461: Go Local and see what's already there for your city/town and state
  • Want to see more where you live? Find your local Indivisible group and ask them to join us -- we're trying to get to them all, but there are a lot!
  • Sign up on our website to join us as a local connector and share calls to action, events and news directly to the blog
  • Share the news of Project 1461: Go Local with friends and family so they can get involved in issues that matter where they live!