1.25.17: Fight for the First Amendment

Freedom of the press is the cornerstone of American democracy

Freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment. Having accurate and complete information is necessary for citizens to hold their representatives accountable. Trump has announced "a running war with the media", and Trump's team has already begun disparaging journalists, restricting information and propagating lies. These are the techniques of dictators and authoritarian regimes, not a democratically elected president. Today's call to action: Fight for the First Amendment.

Learn: Trump's recent attacks on the press

Act: protect the First Amendment and press freedom

  • Find an organization that's fighting to protect freedom of the press and make a donation
  • Follow the Trump Promise Checker to see whether Trump is making good on -- or telling lies about -- his campaign promises
  • Send a message to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling him to stop lying for Trump
  • Hold the media accountable for taking their freedoms seriously: when news outlets normalize Trump's lies, contact them by email, social media, or a letter to the editor calling it out.

Share: spread the word about how Trump's lies hurt our democracy

  • When Trump lies, call it a lie -- on social media, over dinner with friends, and around the water cooler at work. We're the best antidote to his dishonesty.
  • Post an article from our “Learn” section to inform others about Trump’s attacks on the freedom of the press
  • Invite your friends to sign up for Project 1461 by tagging them in the comments of our Facebook post or forwarding this email to them!