1.26.17: #StayWoke with the Resistance Manual

There's a powerful new tool for anti-Trump activists

The Resistance Manual, a recently launched online project from Stay Woke and Campaign Zero, is a new—and powerful—resource for anti-Trump activists. With a commitment to intersectionality and inclusivity, the crowdsourced site provides information on, and resistance strategies for, a range of Trump policies, along with a ton of helpful links to essential readings, resources, organizations, and tools for both novice and experienced resisters. Today's call to action: inform your resistance—and inform the resistance—with the Resistance Manual.

Learn: the people and ideas behind the Resistance Manual

Act: use the Manual, contribute to the Manual

Share: spread the word about the Resistance Manual

  • Share this call to action with your social media contacts
  • Post an article from the “Learn” section above to inform others about the Manual
  • Encourage your friends to use the Resistance Manual
  • Invite your friends to sign up for Project 1461. Tag them in the comments of our Facebook post and ask them to join us!