1.29.17: Do More Today

Every Sunday, Project 1461 shares other actions we've collected from our partner sites around the web. Want to do more today? Follow some links and get started!

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What Do I Do About Trump? collects a wide variety of campaigns and resources to help you get and stay active. It also provides tools to develop your own action plan and ideas on how to protect yourself and others.

More actions from our friends around the web

From http://www.weekly-resistance.online/

This Week's Action: #WeSayNo to Extremists on the Supreme Court
Donald Trump will soon announce his nominee for the stolen Supreme Court seat, from a group hand-picked by conservative extremists. He’s set to select someone who will turn back the clock to the 19th century. #WeSayNo to a lifetime appointment for an anti-choice, anti-LGBT equality, anti-gun control, anti-racial justice, pro-corporate power reactionary. We’re telling our senators that if they don’t oppose dangerous nominees, we will hold them accountable at the ballot box.

This Week's Donation: Support Women of Color Fighting for Reproductive Justice
SisterSong is a national network of indigenous women and women of color organizing to achieve reproductive justice. With Donald Trump promising to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade, we need groups fighting for access to reproductive rights now more than ever. Donate here.

From the 1/28/17 lookingtohelp.org newsletter, by Maya Prohovik

Things you can do to about the Muslim immigration ban

  • Donate to international organizations like UNICEF (which helps children specifically) or the International Rescue Committee, or local organizations like Sara Organization (which supports Syrian families who have made it over to Austin TX until they're able to get on their feet). Here's a whole list of other places you can donate to if you want to go on a tear.
  • Protest. It is making a difference. Keep it up. Don't lose momentum. Indivisible has a local action groups search where you can find organizations in your community to join based on different causes. Sign up for one of them, please. Stay in the loop about how you can help locally.
  • Talk to your local government and ask what they're doing to protect and support Muslims in your own community. Let them know this is an important issue for you. (You can also call your Senators and US Rep, which I hope you are doing every time something happens that you are morally opposed to. It is your right as an American citizen and the most effective tool we have in place to change things.) 5Calls is an amazing resource to help you get in touch with your representatives. Put in your zip code and it'll give you phone numbers and specific scripts to help you speak to the causes that are most at stake right now.

From Progressive Action Daily:

  • Feeling uncomfortable about joining groups you don't completely agree with? Here are some thoughts on tolerance and unity from Five Minute Resistance: The Left Need Not Unify: Tolerating Each Other Is Enough
  • Check out Track-Trump, a policy-focused website that is following how Trump is keeping to the promises he made in his 100-day Contract with the American Voter