1.4.17: Back the NAACP, oppose Jeff Sessions for AG

Jeff Sessions is "the worst possible nominee... at the worst possible moment."

Yesterday, leaders from the national and Alabama NAACP staged a sit-in at the office of Senator Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's intended appointee for Attorney General. Among other things, the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing civil rights laws and investigating complaints. So why then, as the NAACP asked, would Trump nominate a known racist and civil rights opponent for the job? Sessions' confirmation hearings start next week, so there's no time to waste with this one. Today's call to action: stand with the NAACP and stop Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General.

Learn: why Sessions is a terrible choice for AG

Act: stand with Democrats and the NAACP to oppose Sessions

My name is [your name] and I’m a constituent of Senator [rep’s name]. I’m calling today to ask the Senator to do everything in [his/her] power to prevent the confirmation of Jeff Sessions at Attorney General. Sessions’ racist past and anti-civil rights record makes him a horrible choice for the role. [If you have a personal experience related to a hate crime, police violence, workplace discrimination, etc., share it to help make your case.] Jeff Sessions will not stand up for all Americans; please stop him from becoming Attorney General.

Share: there's no time to waste -- spread the word today

Have friends who live in Iowa, Vermont, Utah, California, New York, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Arizona, Delaware, Louisiana, Connecticut, Georgia, or North Carolina? (We're sure you do!!) If so, tell them that one of their Senators is on the Judiciary Committee and share this post with them.