1.6.17: Friday Five

Every Friday, Project 1461 shares five quick actions from our favorite sites that you can take before you leave work for the weekend. Here's this week's Friday Five.

Have you called your Senators to tell them to block Jeff Sessions' nomination as Attorney General?

Confirmation hearings start on January 10th, and today The Nation published an exclusive story revealing that Republicans are severely limiting the hearings -- an unacceptable move considering Sessions' long history of bigotry. Bonus: if you live in Alabama, call Jeff Sessions' office and tell him he must abstain from voting on his own nomination.

You shouldn't need a Chrome extension to call the alt-right what it is

You can change it in your browser, but why not go straight to the source? Sign this petition to ask the New York Times to stop using the term "alt-right" and call these groups what they are: white supremacists.

Help bring sexual assault survivors to DC to meet with the Senate

Jeff Sessions has an abysmal record on women's rights and sexual assault cases. Next week, Ultraviolet will bring sexual assault survivors to Washington to tell the Senate to reject Sessions' nomination. Click here to help fly the survivors to DC.

Hear what we'll need to do to disrupt Trump's presidency

We're cheating a little with today's "read," but only because this podcast is so good. Featuring professor, writer and activist Jelani Cobb, "The Power of No" focuses on the impact that grassroots organizing will have under a Trump presidency.

If you think Teen Vogue has been awesome lately, check out Lauren Duca (she's a big part of the reason)

She penned Donald Trump is Gaslighting America for the teen mag and recently went at it with Tucker Carlson about her recent writings and Ivanka Trump's public persona. Follow her on Twitter at @laurenduca. Bonus: check out the video of her convo with Carlson, whom she later called an "enemy of rational discourse."