1.7.17: Save reproductive freedom

When you mess with Planned Parenthood, you mess with all women.

Today's call to action is shared from Planned Parenthood, an organization that we love and support.

There's been a lot of worry, heartache, and rage since the election — and just yesterday, those feelings compounded as Speaker Paul Ryan revealed that the House will include defunding Planned Parenthood in the Obamacare repeal package.

But through it all there's also been an incredible outpouring of support for Planned Parenthood — from you and millions of others who've showed up, called, donated, and shared. And despite all this community has already done, you keep asking, "What else can I do? How else can I help?"

Well, the antidote to worry and heartache is taking action — and I've got four things you can do right now to help fight back against the lawmakers who want to shut down Planned Parenthood health centers and take away people's rights. Let's get moving!


It's absolutely crucial that we show lawmakers just how many Americans support the life-changing services Planned Parenthood health centers provide to 2.5 million patients each year — so, please recruit your friends to sign on too. Ask your friends to sign the #IStandWithPP letter to Congress you already signed.


Volunteers have planned nearly 300 events across 47 states and in 150 cities, all to rally around and show support for Planned Parenthood — and more are coming. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is also a sponsor of the Women's March on Washington in D.C. Let us know where we'll see you this month! Attend an upcoming rally or event near you — or make your own!


Cecile, Jacqueline, and I hosted a live chat with supporters around the country yesterday to lay out the fights ahead and answer questions. Did you miss it? You can see the full recording here.


We just added new items to the Planned Parenthood Marketplace. You can show your support as you go about your day — with shirts, signs, hats, buttons and more.

There will be many, many more things to do in the weeks and months ahead to protect Planned Parenthood health centers and defend reproductive health and rights. I know you're ready to stand with us. As other fights start to heat up — in Congress and in the states — these are four important ways you can be active and visible now.




Kelley Robinson, Deputy National Organizing Director
Planned Parenthood Action Fund