"This is unprecedented, potentially illegal, and the clearest sign yet of Mr. Trump’s cavalier attitude toward criminal laws preventing federal officials from profiting from public service." - NYT Editorial Board

Senate Republicans are colluding with Trump's transition team to hold confirmation hearings for cabinet appointees even though they haven't been properly vetted. These people, many of whom are millionaire or billionaires with numerous potential conflicts of interests, will be running our country for the next four years; we can't afford not to know what they have in their pasts. Today's urgent call to action: Call your Senators to tell them they must delay cabinet confirmation hearings until candidates have completed thorough background examinations.

Learn: why the Senate MUST wait on confirmation hearings

Act: Call your Senators NOW to demand that they delay cabinet confirmations until candidates have been thoroughly vetted

Need their numbers? Find them here, then use our simple call scripts:

For Democratic Senators:

"My name is [your name], and I'm a constituent of [Democratic Senator]. I'm calling to ask you to stand with Senator Elizabeth Warren in demanding that the Senate delay confirmation hearings for Trump's cabinet appointees until they've been thoroughly vetted. Trump promised to drain the swamp, but instead he's filling it with 1%-ers who are enemies of the departments they're charged to lead -- at the very least, we deserve to know what's in their pasts before they take over the government. Please act today on behalf of your constituents and all Americans: block Trump's cabinet appointees until they've all had thorough background investigations."

For Republican Senators:

"My name is [your name], and I'm a constituent of [Republican Senator]. I'm calling today because I'm very concerned that you and your colleagues are allowing confirmation hearings for Trump's cabinet before they've had thorough background examinations. This is unprecedented and reckless: many of these nominees have complexes finances and business relationships, and you owe it to your constituents to know what these are before you vote to confirm candidates. We are holding you accountable: do not allow the Senate to hold confirmation hearings for candidates who haven't been thoroughly vetted."

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Last week, thousands of Americans called the House of Representatives to tell them not to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, and they capitulated. We have the power to pressure the Senate to delay confirmation hearings for unvetted candidates, but only if we all act together.

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We can do this if we act together. Every day -- and every second -- counts. Act right away to stop the Senate from rushing through cabinet confirmation hearings for unvetted millionaires and business moguls.