End taxpayer bankrolling of Trump's lavish lifestyle

This post is shared from our friends at 2 Hours a Week, a member of the Action Alliance.

In one month, the Trump administration has spent on travel a little less than what the Obama administration spent in a year. The new POTUS has been out of the office practically every weekend he’s been on the job and American tax payers are footing the $10 million billThose are your federal tax dollars. Adding to travel and security for his family are other ancillary costs such as:

  • $60,000 in overtime pay a day for local law enforcement officials every time he visits Mar-a-Lago = $2.9 million annually at the rate of two visits a month
  • $500,000 dollars a day to guard Trump Toweror $182.5 million annually
  • $1.5 million dollars a year for the Secret Service to rent a floor of Trump Tower, which goes directly into his pocket
  • $100,000 hotel tab that taxpayers covered when his sons travelled for business - that’s $1.2 million annually if they travel once a month.

And that comes out to an estimated $308.5 million annually! That is 25 times more than the average $12 million the Obamas spent in one year. It's also three times more, in a single year, than the $97 million the Obamas spent in EIGHT YEARS!

...[Here's] how much that expenditure is worth. Ready? Take a deep breath:

  • 123,790 Veteran families’ rapid rehousing when they become homeless at a cost of $2,480 per household.
  • 322 fulltime credit counselors to provide Veteran’s with financial advice when they fall on hard times at a cost of $35,060 per counselor, per year.
  • 2,300 law enforcement jobs created or saved via the Community Oriented Policing Services – COPS – program at a cost of $119 million for 900 jobs protected or created.
  • 2 years of funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership to help small and medium sized manufacturing companies stay competitive and create jobs.
  • 1 year of funding for the Economic Development Administration to help economically depressed communities negatively impacted by globalization spur entrepreneurship, investment, economic growth and job creation.
  • 61% of the annual budget for Legal Aid Societies across the U.S. which provides free legal representation for the poor.
  • 64% percent of the annual budget for the Office of Violence Against Women.


CALL your Senators (hereand Representatives (hereand urge them to call the President out on his excessive spending!

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

Hi, I’m ____ with the group 2 Hours a Week. I’m calling Senator/Representative ___ to express my concern about the President’s excessive traveling and lifestyle at the expense of tax payers.

In a single month Trump has spent what Obama spent on travel and security in an entire year.
If he continues at this pace, including other security and travel costs for him and his family, it will cost taxpayers upwards of $308.5 million dollars a year!

That is 25 times the rate of the Obamas expenditure on travel

I urge Senator/Representative __ to call the President out on wasting tax payer money to play golf and subsidize his family’s business travel! This is fiscal irresponsibility of the government at the highest level!