Combat Trump’s claims of voter fraud

Donald Trump is making baseless, dangerous claims of voter fraud

Trump has been making unsubstantiated claims that there was widespread voter fraud during the 2016 general election. His accusations are reckless not only because they are unfounded, but they undermine faith in our most fundamental expression of democratic freedom. These bogus claims are often used to justify voter suppression with measures such as voter ID requirementsToday's call to action: Combat Trump’s claims of voter fraud and protect the right to vote.

Learn: why Trump's fraud claims are so dangerous

Act: oppose Trump’s claims of voter fraud

  • If you see Trump’s claims of voter fraud, counter them with the truth
  • Register to vote if you’re not already at
  • Support organizations fighting voter suppression, such as the ACLU or NAACP
  • Support groups who help voters get IDs such as VoteRiders
  • Call your state representatives to say you support everyone’s right to vote without burdens, especially if your state is green to dark-green on this map from the NCSL:
My name is [your name], and I’m one of [representative’s] constituents. [If you’re leaving a message, include your address and ZIP code.] I’m calling to ask that [representative] repeal legislation in our state restricting voters’ access to the ballot box. While cases of voter fraud in US elections are extremely rare, ID laws place a disproportionate burden on minorities, young voters, as well as the poor and the elderly. Will you please share my message with [representative]?

Share: challenge Trump’s groundless accusations and support the right to vote

  • Post one of today’s ‘Learn’ links on social media with the phrase claiming #VoterFraud is calling for #VoterSuppression to make sure your networks know what Trump’s up to
  • Share the link from to help your friends and family register to vote and get informed of ID requirements
  • Share the link from VoteRiders to help people get the IDs they need
  • Invite your friends to join Project 1461 and help us build our community