Fax the Senate about Betsy DeVos

Goodbye busy phones, hello online faxing

If you'd told us six weeks ago that the new, hot way to contact Congress was via fax, we'd have told you to get back in your DeLorean. But it's true: when you can't get through because of endless busy signals, a free online fax service is a simple way to get around it. And now, with Betsy Devos's vote delayed until Monday morning, there's no better day to try it out. Today's call to action: fax your Senators and tell them to say "no" to Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

  1. Head over to FaxZero's "Fax Congress" site and pick your Senator.
  2. Share your information and type in your personalized message on the cover page - you can even add a longer message or attachment if you have more to say, or use our call script as a guide.
  3. Check your email to confirm and send your fax.
  4. That's it! You're done, and your message is on its way to your Senator.

Need some inspiration? Here's what we sent to Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who received a $60,050 campaign donation from DeVos:


And if you're feeling really ambitious, here are a few more issues you can fax your Senators about today:

  • Chris Coons (D-CT) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) say they won't stand with fellow Democrats to fight Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination
  • Jeff Sessions' hearing for Attorney General is expected to quickly follow Betsy DeVos's -- tell your Senators we don't need the architect of the Muslim Ban leading the DOJ
  • Get a jump on our CTA for Monday: how you can fight back against Andrew Puzder, Trump's anti-government, mob-connected nominee for labor secretary
Liza Potter