Get smart on ranked choice voting and make every vote count

Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million votes. Trump and Congress both have disapproval ratings over 50%, yet they claim a mandate for their actions. This disconnect has made many Americans, especially people of color, feel their vote does not count. But together, we can build “a more perfect Union.” We can ensure all Americans know their vote matters.

ACT: Make every vote count.

  • Where does your state stand on Ranked Choice Voting, a fairer way to vote? Does it already use RCV, but only in limited cases?
  • Get in touch with other activists in your area using this RCV Forum to implement or expand RCV. Plan your strategy for getting more people involved. You can use a toolkit like this one from FairVote.
  • Contact your Senators and Representative about passing the Fair Representation Act to solve the problem of gerrymandering and implement RCV for all Congressional seats. 
  • Contact your state and local representatives about implementing RCV for other elections as well. Victories at the local level can turn the tide for the bigger battles.
  • If you live in Maine, the only state with RCV for federal elections, donate your know-how to help other activists make RCV a reality for every state.

Learn more: the ins and outs of ranked choice voting

RCV allows voters to rank candidates from their favorite to least favorite. Those with the fewest votes are ruled out and their votes go to the voters’ other picks. This means voters vote for rather than against candidates because there is no fear of splitting the vote. Winners are elected by earning the greatest consensus, so nastiness does not pay!

Ranked choice voting is also sometimes called "instant-runoff voting" -- in other words, every candidate is essentially in a runoff situation until someone wins, and that someone is the person most liked by the most voters. This electoral system is already being used in other democratic countries, and even parts of the United States. Make it happen for all Americans.

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