Get Steve Bannon out of the White House

Let's call this situation like it is: Steve Bannon is running the country right now, and Donald Trump is just his puppet. From writing Trump's inauguration speech to creating executive orders that Trump doesn't read, Bannon's got his fingerprints on every single nasty thing this administration has done so far. His goal? Nothing less than destroying America as we know it. (Seriously: click the link if you're dubious.) 

ACT: Get #PresidentBannon out of the White House

  • Use #PresidentBannon and #StopPresidentBannon on social media: Donald Trump has a notoriously fragile ego, and Bannon basically put himself on the National Security Council without Trump knowing. If Donald Trump knows that the American people believe someone else is running the show, maybe he'll oust his Grim Reaper once and for all.
  • Feeling extra motivated on this one? Here are some images (1, 2, 3, 4) you can use in tandem with the hashtags to show Donald Trump that he's being made a fool of by Steve Bannon.
  • The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has introduced legislation that would create permanent roles on the National Security Council and require anyone not in those roles to get joint congressional approval before being added. This is a good thing - it means that Republicans and Democrats alike are concerned about Bannon's presence on the NSC.

Call your Senators and Representatives (or fax them if their lines are busy!) to tell them to support the legislation. Here's a script:

My name is [your name], and I'm a constituent of [rep]. I'm calling to ask [rep] to support the Strengthening Oversight of National Security Act. It's critical that decisions about national security are being made alongside qualified people with deep experience in the intelligence and military communities.

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  1. He's made millions giving a media platform to white supremacists
  2. He's the brains behind the Muslim Ban and other discriminatory executive orders
  3. He has no experience in government, intelligence, or national security
  4. He's an ideologue - a Leninist who wants to see America destroyed
  5. He publicly called for a Holy War against Islam
  6. He's an anti-media, anti-First Amendment conspiracy theorist