Join the #ResistanceRecess

Last week, we posted about how to get your representatives' attention in-person. Today, we're following up on that with an invitation to join the #ResistanceRecess. Congress is on recess this week, and hundreds of events are being planned by activists, organizers, and people like you who want to share their opinions on critical issues with their elected officials. At the same time, 200 Republicans in Congress have decided to hide from their constituents, afraid to hear what they have to say. It's time to remind them that THEY answer to US, not the other way around.

Act: Join the #ResistanceRecess

  1. Check out our post from last Sunday for some basics on how to get to your reps
  2. Visit the Resistance Calendar and Town Hall Project to find events happening near you this week
  3. If your members of Congress are MIA, read Indivisible's Missing Members of Congress Action Plan for ways to track them down (or do what these North Carolinians did, and take out a "missing" ad for your rep in the newspaper)
  4. Or, here's an idea: hold an "empty chair" town hall to organize constituents, even if your rep won't show his or her face
  5. Share your #ResistanceRecess commitments with MoveOn, and sign up to participate in their weekly resistance calls
  6. Need to get inspired? Here's an article about what others are planning for this week, or listen to the awesome podcast Pod Save America to hear from #ResistanceRecess leaders