Make your voice heard, live and in-person

Last week, two Republicans in Congress learned what democracy really looks like -- and democracy is pissed at them. At separate town hall events in their districts, Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Diane Black faced down hundreds of angry constituents who challenged their reps on issues from the Affordable Care Act to Donald Trump's taxes; Chaffetz's constituents went so far as to chant "Your last term!" and "Do your job!" when he tried to dodge their questions.

Now it's your turn to show your Congressional representatives what you think of them and the work they're doing: check out these resources to learn about town halls your reps are having, or demand that they hold one if they're trying to avoid being accountable to the people who put them in office.

  1. Find your representatives' events: the Town Hall Project is an ongoing and comprehensive list of Congressional town halls that currently has nearly two hundred upcoming events. You can also follow them on social media or sign up for email updates. 
  2. Nothing from your reps on the calendar? Give them a call and ask when their next town hall for constituents will take place. If they say they aren't hosting events right now, tell them you'll keep calling until there's one on the calendar -- and share the message on social media so that friends call too.
  3. Just show up. PA Senator Pat Toomey has never held a town hall in Philadelphia, his state's largest city, so his constituents decided to go to him. Now, Tuesdays with Toomey have grown from a small group of persistent retirees to full-fledged demonstrations at Toomey's office. 
  4. Find a squad. RISE Stronger and Indivisible both have listings of local groups that are organizing in the wake of the election, and some groups have an active email or social media presence. If you don't want to go it alone, you're sure to find some sympathizers through one of these sources.
  5. Get really smart on how to get your reps to respond -- then act! Just this week, Indivisible posted a new guide: the Missing Members of Congress Action Plan. Read it to find out why your reps might be hiding from you and how to get their attention anyway, then get your squad, show up, and make them listen!