Say bye-bye to Andrew Puzder

Celebrate Trump's first cabinet loss by thanking your reps

After a disclosure process so grudging that his Senate committee hearing had to be rescheduled four times, on Wednesday Andrew Puzder—fast food billionaire and general enemy to the people whose labor helps make him super-rich—removed himself from consideration for the post of Secretary of Labor. With anywhere from four to a dozen Republicans withholding support for the nominee, Puzder's withdrawal represents a bipartisan rejection of one of the Trump administration's most egregiously inappropriate cabinet nominations.

ACT: Thank your representatives for rejecting Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor

Did you call your reps to tell them to say NO to Puzder? Good job! Now's the time to call them back to say: "Thanks for listening—keep it up!" Let's especially thank the four Republican Senators on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension committee who were out front with their lack of enthusiasm for Puzder:

Susan Collins (Maine) (202) 224-2523
Johnny Isakson (Georgia) (202) 224-3643
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) (202) 224-6665
Tim Scott (South Carolina) (202) 224-6121

More may come to light in the coming days—if you have Republican representative(s), ask them which way they were leaning on Puzder and buck them up if they were one of the many who realized that this nomination was bad for the country.

Confirmation victories are not going to be easy to come by, so don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part in keeping Puzder out of the Cabinet—good work!