Say it with us: Never Again! Remember the Japanese Internment #DayOfRemembrance

Today is the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 - which forcibly disenfranchised, transferred and interned on US soil over 100,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants (the majority of whom were US citizens in good standing). This year, commemoration events are sharing the stage with groups such as Muslims and Latinos. These groups are experiencing the threat of the same type of discriminatory and dangerous legislation incorrectly using Japanese Internment as a precedent.

ACT: Fight for justice by joining the #DayOfRemembrance

Events like this one in New York, and these in Portland, are using the anniversary to hear and learn not just from history, but shining a spotlight on what immigrants are facing today; look for similar events near you, they are occurring all across the country. Some troubling letters to the editor are trying to justify the internment. Use this Day of Remembrance to write your local paper to express support for our American community and denounce the administration's treatment of immigrants.

Learn from the first hand accounts of internment and the impact it had on our country. Remind yourself how lessons from this blight on our history can inform the conversation on current events.

Tell Donald Trump and the world that internment is a mistake we refuse to repeat.