Show some love for government dissent

The current administration is telling government agencies and their employees to get with the program or get out. But public servants and journalists with principles are pushing back, exposing liars and traitors along the way - like Flynn. To paraphrase Merriam-Webster, which has been quietly clapping back at Trump for months, dissenters should be encouraged  to speak out while they have the chance. We can help give them that chance.

Act: give dissent (and dissenters) some post-Valentine's Day love

  1. Donate to organizations, like the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Fund for American Diplomacy, that support dissent and protect whistleblowers
  2. Bookmark and share sites like Tell on Trump and the confidential, secure tip lines for the New York Times and Washington Post
  3. Be careful about following and retweeting so-called "rogue government" Twitter accounts, which haven't been verified (although @roguePOTUSstaff did announce Neil Gorsuch's nomination eight hours before it was made public)
  4. If you work for the government, learn about safe ways to dissent, or get help from one of the whistleblower protection groups above
  5. Support and partner with the DataRefuge Project and Hack the Stacks, two groups working to protect government data that's at risk of being scrubbed by the Trump administration
  6. Hit the streets! Here's a comprehensive resource on how to find protests happening near you -- and don't forget to coordinate with friends to avoid resistance fatigue.

Learn more: Dissent is democracy

Dissent gets a bad rap sometimes, but if anything it should be normalized as patriotic. In fact, read this article from 2006 that now comes off as psychic to see why it’s as American as apple pie. It isn’t all fun, if unverifiable, rogue twitter accounts. It’s substantial, like the internal dissent memo against the immigration ban and the leaks that led to Flynn’s resignation. We still have a role to play. It’s all definitely getting under Trump’s skin - but he’s trying to say that the leaks themselves are the big problem - not all the shady, illegal and traitorous dealings by his crew. And now he has his henchmen like Jason Chaffetz and Bob Goodlatte set to silence the facts -- so if you are from Utah or Virginia, tell them the American people have a right to know. Throw your support behind representatives demanding an independent investigation, and demand it from representatives who fail to act. If we keep our eyes open, ears alert, and voices on - there’s no telling what we can accomplish. Dissent is democracy.