Stand up for press freedom (with educator resources!)

Yesterday, in an unprecedented (unpresidented?) move, the White House banned reporters from major news outlets that have criticized Donald Trump from a press briefing. The move was petty, stupid, and dangerous: free press is critical to our democracy, and dismantling press freedom is a frequent move of dictators (a fact that even Sean Spicer knows). At the same time, you don't need to look any further than the New York Times' fact check of Trump's CPAC speech to see why free press is so important. 

Act: Protect press freedom in America

  • Retweet this tweet from Fox News anchor Bret Baier that blasts the administration for excluding reporters - when conservatives speak out against Trump, it's important and should be noted.
  • Use social media to thank Time, USA Today, and the Associated Press for boycotting the briefing in solidarity with the barred journalists
  • Contact ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fox News, and McClatchy to tell them they should boycott any further briefings where other outlets are excluded, or commit to sharing information with excluded groups and asking questions on their behalf:

*McClatchy owns over 30 newspapers across many states - check to see if your local newspaper is one of them, and consider writing a letter to the editor asking McClatchy to boycott press briefings where other news outlets are excluded.

Learn more: resources for educators on press freedom and fake news

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