Tell Jason Chaffetz we're still paying attention

Here's what the House Oversight Committee chair has been up to while we looked the other way

Jason Chaffetz ran for Congress on the principles of accountability and transparency. But lately, his actions have suggested those are the last things he cares about. In the last month alone, he's insisted he'll continue an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails while ignoring Trump's conflicts of interest, bullied a government ethics official who encouraged Trump to divest, and attacked Democrats for "stirring the pot" by insisting on an inquiry into Trump's business dealings.

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On Monday, January 23rd, Jason Chaffetz demanded a meeting with the director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter J. Shaub, Jr., and threatened to subpoena Shaub if he didn't attend. Shaub’s trouble started when he tweeted encouraging Trump to divest from his businesses, and publicly stated that his expert opinion was that Trump was not meeting ethical requirements. Chaffetz found that inappropriate, even though members of the Oversight Committee regularly publish overtly partisan statements on their official website.

Then, after refusing to show up to the first scheduled meeting, Chaffetz barred the public and even members of his own committee from the meeting. The fact that the meeting happened at all, let alone took place behind closed doors, was intended to punish Shaub for criticizing Trump and cripple the OGE. Did we mention that the OGE is responsible for conducting the ethics reviews of Trump's cabinet nominees? Meanwhile, the OGE’s voice has been reduced to a whisper -- a dangerous spot for a nonpartisan government agency charged with leading the way on ethics regulations, guidance, and investigations in the Executive Branch.

What else has Chaffetz been up to while he's not launching an investigation into Donald Trump's conflicts of interest? Here's just a short list:

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