World AIDS Day, Voter Engagement, Apps to Stay Informed


World AIDS Day: Educate Yourself and Act

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Hi everyone,
It's World Aids Day, a day to remember those we have lost and to renew our energy and courage to fight this disease and its consequences. It's a global situation and there are many ways to act locally--in your physical community or in a community you define yourself. 

It's always key to read and listen to the narratives of others, and make sure they are the center of your work, that you are supporting them. Here is some reading. 

How this rural HIV+ American plans to live through the Trump administration,
Benoite and her partner with had to deal with both testing positive.  (Many more stories at this site)
Poz has a diverse group of stories, 
Tina was diagnosed when she was 8 months pregnant.

Volunteer with a needle exchange program. There is a national directory of them here. You can do an hour a week! 
 any people don't know about PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylactic), a medication cocktail that can be taken daily to prevent the spread of AIDS, Is it available in your community? Perhaps you could partner with a goal health clinic and start a PrEP fund that would pay for the medication for those who can't afford it. 
Work with YSense o make sure there is robust AIDS education in your local school program

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Petition Facebook to Support Voter Engagement

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Facebook should help all Americans exercise their right to vote by implementing Election Day reminders for all local and state elections.  Giving voters more information is key to our democratic process and can help turn out voters to local races, where they are desperately needed.  

We have spoken with decision makers at Facebook who are willing to work with us, if we can demonstrate grassroots support from across the country. That is where we come in, using our community and our networks we need to get as many signatures as possible.   

It is imperative that we act fast, as the upcoming  Louisiana Runoff election is scheduled for December 10th.  Click here to sign and share the petition.

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Grab These Apps to Stay Informed

The next four years are going to be long, so to have the biggest impact, we're all going to need the information to act at our fingertips. Countable and Boycott Trump are two great apps to download today, and they're both free. Boycott Trump lets you keep up with stores and brands to avoid when you're out and about, and Countable helps you track upcoming bills in Congress and what your representatives' positions are.