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Daily Round-Up: Various

Read and act on these lists of additional direct actions you can take to disrupt Trump's presidency before it starts:

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Hold the Media Accountable

Do This Today:

It's no secret that social media is rife with fake and unreliable news right now (did you see the one about Hillary the devil-worshiper?), or that Donald Trump continues to pick fights with the media about their coverage of him. As he digs in on lies about the press and restricts journalists' access, it's even more important to demand accountability and quality journalism, scrub your social media of fake news and clickbait, and support newspapers that provide quality news coverage.

How to Be an Ally


Tonight's roundup focuses on resources that help you become a better ally to people whose safety and livelihoods are threatened by Trump's presidency.


Spotlight on Immigration

Today's roundup focuses on actions that you can take specifically to support people who have been targeted by Donald Trump's incendiary and irresponsible comments about immigration and immigrants.

Want to do even more today? Senator Bernie Sanders has created a petition to support Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison for DNC chair. The Nation has a great article on why Representative Ellison is the best choice that's also worth a read.