Climate Change, Protect Refugees


All About Climate Change

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It would be so easy to abandon ourselves in a world of despair and frustration, hating everything and everyone, and turning our backs on the world. How indulgent and self-satisfying! But it’s the wildly selfish choice, and doesn’t help anyone.

The Space Between Two Worlds, an introspective piece on how to keep going, from the executive director of the California Academy of Sciences.

Climate Change

  • Here's where Trump appears to stand on the environment. TL;DR: he's appointed a climate change denier to oversee the EPA transition, he's proposed eliminating things like wind tax credits which have been effectively reducing greenhouse emissions for years, he'd like to get rid of federal regulations on polluting power plants and strip all subsidies for green power, and he's considering abandoning the Paris Agreement, which has been agreed to and adopted by 195 countries in a shared effort to reduce global warming. It's unclear how much he'll actually prioritize this, or how much he'll actually be able to make any of it happen (most government representatives, including Republicans, disagree with him), but just his stance on these issues is certainly a step backward.
  • If this depresses you, you can read this somewhat optimistic piece from planetary futurist Alex Steffen, explaining that all hope is not lost and that there's plenty we can still do. (I like this quote: "It may be that we’ll look back at Trump’s election and understand it was the last stand of an old, broken model — and the beginning of the massive changes that saved humanity from the planetary crisis we’d created. That giving up hope on a generation of blocked, slow, incremental Federal policies actually prepared the ground for much larger, faster changes, in the end.")
  • If you're feeling fired up about climate change, please donate to the National Resources Defense Council or check out their list of specific ways to get involved.

Other Things

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Protecting Refugees

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The issue:

Refugees are some of the most vulnerable people in the world: victims of persecution and torture, families fleeing war and genocide. The United States has long been a leader in protecting refugees worldwide, providing aid to people forced from their homes. Additionally, through asylum and resettlement programs, many thousands of refugees have made new lives in America. But Donald Trump has demonized refugees, threatening to ban them from the country.

What you can do today:

Support organizations that assist refugees in the United States and abroad.

The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies (CGRS) protects the fundamental human rights of women, children, LGBT individuals, and other refugees who flee persecution. CGRS has promised to keep fighting for the human rights of refugeesDonate to CGRS or volunteer your time.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides life-saving aid to refugees across the world. The IRC also helps resettle refugees in the US, giving them the support they need to rebuild their lives. Donate to the IRC or become an IRC volunteer to help refugees in the US.

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) provides legal assistance to refugees in the US and across the world. IRAP is committed to keeping America at the forefront of refugee protection. Donate to IRAP, sign up for IRAP’s action alerts, or volunteer.

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