Fighting Trump's Lies, Conflicts of Interest Investigation


Dealing with Trump's Lies: A Media Guide

Donald Trump has masterfully manipulated the media and the American public, perpetuating lie after lie on social media, at rallies and in interviews. The Atlantic has put together a guide for media on how to deal with Trump's lies that we can share both on social media and directly with local news sources. 

Thank Democrats, Pressure Rep. Chaffetz on Conflicts of Interest

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee know that Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are unacceptable; why doesn't Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz? Don't let up: if you're one of the thousands of Americans represented by Rep. Chaffetz, call him today to demand an investigation into Donald Trump's conflicts of interest before he takes office on January 20th. You can even use our simple script:

"I'm a constituent of Representative Chaffetz, and I'm calling to tell him that Donald Trump's many conflicts of interest are unacceptable for an American president. We deserve a president whose personal business dealings and relationships won't interfere with his job to serve and protect us. Representative Chaffetz should immediately initiate a conflict of interest investigation, before Trump takes office."

Want to do more? If you're represented by one of the Democrats on the committee, use social media to say thank you for standing up to Trump, and ask them to continue to pressure Rep. Chaffetz to take up an investigation.