Our standards for integrity: how we decide what goes up on Project 1461

Every day, our Project 1461 team sees lots of calls to action -- but not all of them make it onto our site. Here's how we brainstorm, fact check, and ensure maximum impact on our daily calls to action.

Step 1: brainstorm and generate ideas

Every day, we follow stories from dozens of news sites and progressive organizations, as well as hundreds of politicians and change makers. From these, we identify actions that are urgenttimely, and credible and move those into line for our daily posts.

Some of the best ideas for calls to action come from our community.

Step 2: fact check, fact check, fact check

We personally fact-check every single item that we consider posting to the site by researching:

  • Does this come from a credible news source, organization, or public figure?
  • Can a simple Google search disprove or discredit the veracity of the item?
  • Are other credible groups joining onto this call for action?

Step 3: maximize impact and share

Finally, we do our best to ensure that our readers' time and energy is well-spent by asking ourselves if there's a mass public effort will lead to a reasonable likelihood of impact, and if the follows our understanding of best practice for how to get results.

This means we never use "What's the harm?" as the rationale for posting a daily call to action.